CPM Rehabilitation Centre

This an intervention program of the Crisis Pregnancy Ministries that exists to empower the vulnerable woman who has had or has a crisis pregnancy.

We offer life skills and training aimed at enabling her to become self-reliant. Training is given in areas such as discipleship, craft making, tailoring, weaving, and cookery.

The center is also involved in selling homemade items such as vikoi’s, table cloths, bags, necklaces, and liquid soap which are made by the student mothers. The center is based in Riruta Satellite.

CPM Center Picture Gallery.

Handmade Products at CPM Center Satellite

Children’s Ministry

The Satellite children’s programme is an initiative that seeks to transform children from the surrounding community and introduce them to teenhood with a firm foundation, and later youthhood.

We have been able to attend to more than 15 kids every other day, especially during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Engaging them with different, exciting activities, a healthy relationship has been created between them and our care-givers. Some of the activities they engage in include;

  1. Bible Study
  2. Cookery Classes
  3. Beadwork, Knitting, Crocheting and Tapestry
  4. Cleaning
  5. Life Skills


Bible Study

We have intensified our intentions towards discipleship by starting the route 47 program. This has seen the birth of new ministries like the music team and satellite Bible study sites.

We have thriving Bible Study groups in all our centers and are looking to open more.

Obila and Satellite team pose for a close-up photo. CPM Center Satellite.

Amazing pose by Charity, a creative and scriptwriter with YFC-K Drama Team. CPM Center Satellite.

Unashamed of the Gospel and repping Satellite, Kawangware, Nairobi, Kenya. CPM Center.

Charity poses with Annah, a costume designer with YFC-K Drama Team. CPM Center Satellite.