Nairobi Chapter

Programs under the Crisis pregnancy ministries include:
• Worth the wait- Prevention: – An abstinence program targeting youth in high schools and churches. Peer educators facilitate teachings and discussions on sexuality, equipping youth with life skills and knowledge to handle their sexuality in a godly manner. Our teams also use creative activities such as dances, skits, and songs to reinforce the message.
• Counseling team- Intervention: – Through trained and qualified counselors, the counseling team reaches out to give counseling for different issues such as rape, crisis pregnancy, post-abortion and other general counseling. Specialized training in the above areas is also offered. The counselors’ also do referrals in special cases to where the needs of the client are best met.

This is a group of young energetic people based in Kibera who passionately minister to their community. Some of their activities include:
• Dance teams: – The dance team performs in concerts, rallies, schools and church visits. This attracts many young people as they are ministered to through the dances.
• Generation 21: – This program recruits from four leavers and takes them through a series of training, discipleship, and leadership. This leads to a great transformation in their lives.
• School Ministry: – The team goes to High schools for ministry. Through this avenue, they are able to share the word of God with the students.
• Church Ministry: – The team works hand in hand with the local church. They minister both in the main and youth services and they also sell the KYFC mission and vision.
• Indoor activities: -The team also participates in indoor activities such as bible studies, fellowships, prayers, dance, drama, praise and worship and keshas.

3) NAIROBI Missions TEAM
This department has a team that is involved with handling the worth the wait program in churches, schools and youth groups thereby upholding sexual purity and abstinence. The group also reaches out to the youth through skits, songs, and dances. Other activities done by the team include bible studies, devotions, prayers, fellowships, missions, and retreats. The team also undergoes in-house training which equips them with many valuable skills.

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