Drama Team

The Drama Team emerged from the already existing youth in Kibra and Satellite centers in Nairobi. The goal was to offer our volunteers an opportunity to learn video and film production skills for free. The training spurred creativity and passion among the volunteers resulting in the production of short films and content for our online platforms.

Voices of Truth

After the debut of the Album Nitafika by Youth for Christ Kenya in early 2000(s), the music team was revived in July 2018 and adopted the name ‘Voices of Truth’. 

The mission of the team is to spread the truth of Christ through music and daily life.

Simplicity in worship allows God to be the focus and their passion and determination enable them to carry out their God-given mandate of using music as a tool of worship and spreading the Gospel. 

Besides producing their own songs, Voices of Truth ministers in Christian gathering events and opportunities.

Bereans Dance Crew

The Bereans Dance Crew, take after the Bereans of the Bible whom Apostle Paul commended for receiving the message with great eagerness and examining the scriptures.

Mainly comprised of Young Adults from Kibra, their goal is to use choreography dance as a tool for Evangelism.


Music & Arts

Young people are our most valuable assets and so we take the time, effort, and resources required to help them discover their God-given talents and skills. We then provide opportunities for these skills to be used in outreach to their peers.

YFC-K Media crew and volunteers during a video recording session.

Teens talk show in progress at YFC-K.

Voices of Truth, YFC-K Band ministering at an event.

Video production field training with volunteers at YFC-K.

Shiko Kanyi at the YFC-K Recording Studio, Westlands, Nairobi.