Kisii Chapter

Kisii youth for Christ is part of Kenya Youth for Christ. The ministry in Kisii started in the year 2009 and is steadily growing.
Past Ministries Mission

We thank God for the open opportunities he has given us to visit many of the schools in and out of Kisii over the years. The Kisii team has also had missions to Homabay, Migori, and Bungoma evangelizing and training the young people on abstinence.

Worth The Wait (wtw)

This has been one of our main programs in this program we help the youth to deal with their sexuality positively in order to avoid the negative aspects of sexuality such as HIV/AIDS, and other STDs, crisis pregnancy, abortion etc. which affect many youths causing them to drop out of School and even die. We implement this through weekly class per class programmes, weekend challenge this programme we look at the whole person as we deal with their sexuality some of the topics covered are relationship with parents and others, communication, peer influence, human sexual Behavior, personality types, rape, STDs/STI, sexual orientation, abortion etc.

Evangelism and discipleship

We have been able to carry out evangelism and discipleship in most of the schools that we have visited by giving them an opportunity to give their lives to Christ and in the villages. This is our core business as we know without Christ youth cannot abstain nor can they deal positively with lives. Our main follow-up material has been – “reach for life” Bibles which were kindly donated to us. Many young people have given their lives to Christ and have been discipled in-class program.

Operation Mjengo

This has been an outreach targeting casual workers in the building industry 95% of whom are youths. These young people are desperate to earn a living and live right. They have either dropped out of school or finished school with no prospects of going on, it is a group that can likely end up in crime because they can hardly live on what they make nor are their jobs guaranteed .they are the forgotten group of youths who are angry and bitter with life and need help desperately. Many of them don’t go to church nor are they interested in church .we go to them during their lunch break buy lunch for them and share Christ with them as they eat their lunch. I thank God because through this some have given their lives to Christ.

Project serve

We have also had an opportunity to minister and give back to the community in what we call project Serve whereby we I identify a needy home in the community through the local chief and mobilize people and resources towards the same and go and make a difference.


One way to give back to our volunteers has been giving them training.As these volunteers form the bulk of our ministry we train them in reaching to other youths using various methods that are relevant to youth e.g. dance, drama, transforming life stories, evangelism and discipleship, training in worth the wait bible study, prayer, music etc. We also train them in things that will help in theirpersonal development e.g. entrepreneurship, dealing with unresolved issues, quiet time, leadership etc. we have a big training at the beginning of the year whereall the recruited volunteers for the year in youth for Christ come together for training and the ongoingtrainings in various regions. This is one way we give back into the lives of these youths.


We in youth for Christ want to help some of the youth deal with the above issues by expanding on what we already by having a youth center where youth can access counseling, training and mentorship. We want to continue and expand our existing programmes. These are;
• Worth the wait
• Project serve
• Evangelism and discipleship
• Music and dance
• Volunteer Training
• Operation Mjengo
• Missions
• Prayer triplets
We want to introduce the following programmes
• Youth Camps for students where we can do a lot of teaching and training during holiday.
• Counseling which will include crisis pregnancy counseling, youth counseling, peer counseling and Career counseling.
• Entrepreneurship
• Operation Hannah –Mothers praying for the youth.
• Out Reach Ministries (House to house evangelism, Conventions, Cinema and Market places)
• Training Capacity (full-time workers, Pastors, c.u leaders, Youth Leaders and peer educators)