Director’s Message

Adolescence is quite a crucial yet challenging phase of an individual’s life. The young person grapples with adulthood, autonomy, and an evolving identity with the snares of drugs, rebellion, radicalization experimenting with sex, etc. That lie in wait in the shadows. The youth need guidance to successfully navigate this phase.
Our desire is to empower young people to make responsible decisions and live to their full potential for God while positively influencing peers. Youth for Christ, Kenya is a ministry that has a rich history of impact over the years in the lives of young people. The alumni of YFCK are in hundreds of thousands. Some are pastors, business leaders. Missionaries, employees, and even parents are impacting society in different spaces.
As our motto states ‘’Geared to the times and anchored to the rock’’ YFCK finds itself at changing times where the needs for young people are rapidly changing, hence we are positioning ourselves strategically to continue to make the young people Disciple of Christ.