About Us

Youth for Christ in Kenya was registered in 1975 as a society. It is a faith based organization that reaches the youth of Kenya, mostly those aged between 13 – 24, through various avenues which include evangelism and discipleship, social involvement and training in both spiritual warfare and leadership.

Our current team consist of 13 Ministry staff, and 200 volunteers. I dream of thousands of volunteers in every county, mobilized, equipped and sent out to this noble task. I dream of technological advancements that will reach each youth wherever they might be in this country, to evangelize, disciple and grow them into godly leaders. I dream of 47 YFC centers, one in each county, creatively reaching youth within that county with the life changing word of God, not only for abstinence but also for social involvement within that community. I dream of youth using given opportunities to discover & use their talents, giftings and skills learned not only for ministry but for empowering themselves & others economically.

Reaching every youth is a big, hairy, audacious goal. On our side is a Great God, and people like you and me, who each have a part to play to reach ‘every young person’. I will be faithful in playing my part to lead YFC. Will you do yours of becoming a partner in prayer, giving & involvement? I pray so!