Geared to the times, Anchored to the Rock
Empowering Kenyan Youth for Purposeful Living and Transformative Impact
Igniting passion, purpose, and potential in Kenya's youth for a brighter future.
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Establishing a foundation rooted in prayer, recognizing the importance of seeking divine guidance and strength as the organization's spiritual cornerstone.


Embracing the Christian call to share the Gospel, this pillar reflects the commitment to spreading the message of Christ's love and redemption to a wider audience through intentional outreach and evangelistic efforts.


Reflecting the Great Commission, this pillar emphasizes the Christian commitment to nurturing and mentoring individuals in their faith journey, ensuring spiritual growth and development by guiding believers in the teachings and principles of Christianity.

Social Involvement

Acting on the Christian mandate to love and serve others, this pillar signifies active engagement in addressing societal needs, embodying the teachings of Jesus by making a positive impact on the community.

Our Ministries

School Missions

School ministry is an important part of our work as Kenya Youth for Christ. Our

Digital Skills

The program grew out of a conviction that technology has the power to bring about

Sports Ministry

Kenya Youth for Christ recognises Sports as one of the avenues of reaching the youth.

Bible Study

In YFC, we believe that the bible is the central discipleship tool for young people.

Kibera Chapter



We've long employed structured discipleship programs, engaging the youth in interactive Bible study sessions and small group discussions. These activities aim to deepen their understanding of spiritual principles and foster personal growth.


Prayer and Spiritual Development:

Our commitment to cultivating a culture of prayer and spiritual discipline among the youth has been ongoing. We've consistently encouraged daily prayer practices and organized prayer meetings to support their spiritual journeys.


Evangelism (Door-to-door and Street Worship):

Our active outreach efforts have spanned years, from door-to-door evangelism to vibrant street worship events. These initiatives create spaces where the wider community can learn and engage with the teachings of Jesus.


Feeding Program:

For years, we've been providing more than just meals through our feeding program. It's been a platform for mentorship and relationship-building, offering hot meals during regular mentorship sessions to create a nurturing environment.


Digital Skills Training:

Recognizing the importance of digital skills, our chapter has long been empowering young people with practical knowledge. Through workshops and courses, we've equipped them with skills like computer literacy, coding, and digital marketing, ensuring they're prepared for future opportunities.

As of 2023 Kenya's population included

over 13 million



The number of Kenyans between 10 and 19 years old has grown by 30% in the last decade. The median age in Kenya is 19 years.

We have a generation to reach with the love and transforming gospel of Jesus Christ.

Kenya YFC in numbers (2020-2023)

Youth reached
Youth Saved
Youth Discipled
Teen Moms Rescued

Kenya YFC Marketplace

All proceeds go to empowering moms at our Kimbilio Safe House and Missions


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